Meet our Donor Champions!

Infertility is like a battle. As with any conflict, you’re up against forces that are preventing you from achieving your goals. You want to start a family, but infertility issues are standing in your path! However, like any great warrior, you’re not going to quit. You’re in this for the long-haul and you’re ready to battle it out to get what you want. We’re right behind you, and ready to fight your cause with you.

We’ve got faith that you can win this war, and so should you. Regardless of the nature of your infertility challenges, and irrespective of your personal situation… things can change, if you make it happen. The first step? Let’s join forces, throw those fears away and confront your challenges. It’s not an insurmountable obstacle. It’s just one part of the journey, and we’re here to help you reach your destination.

Here’s how we can help. We’ve searched high and low for the finest women out there, who are armed and ready to help you defeat infertility. We’ve interviewed and vetted them, and they’re there to make your dreams a reality. We think these ladies are truly exceptional, and they really embody the meaning of the word ‘champion’. Put it like this… with one of these fabulous females fighting your corner, anything is possible!

Please take your time looking through our database. Or, if you’d prefer, we’d be more than happy to recommend a donor champion to you. Just let us know, we’re here to help.

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