The Process

Application- The first step is filling out the surrogacy application. We are happy to answer any questions that you have as you work through the application.


Matching- Based on your application and interview, we will match with prospective parent(s)!

Screening- The medical screening includes blood work and an ultrasound as well as infectious disease testing for you. If you are married or have a partner, they will also need infectious disease testing.

Legal- You will be referred to an attorney to represent you in the contract phase of the surrogacy process. Your intended parents will also be referred to an attorney. Typically, the intended parents’ attorney drafts the agreement. You will have the opportunity to make changes to the agreement. When both you and the Intended Parents feel comfortable with the agreement, we will move ahead to signing the agreement. After the agreement is signed, the attorneys will send legal clearance or a letter to the clinic stating that the contract has been signed.

Medication and Embryo Transfer – You will be given a cycle calendar by the nurse coordinator at the fertility clinic. The calendar will tell you when you need to go for appointments and when to take medication. The nurse will also review how to take injectable medication with you and how much to take.

Pregnancy- So exciting! Your intended parents will want to experience this special time with you. Some intended parents might get to attend a doctor’s appointment with you and others, who live far away, might only be able to hear about the appointments over the phone and skype. Each surrogacy match is unique.

Delivery- Woohoo! Time to celebrate!

Passport Process- When working with international intended parents, they will wait in the US for their baby’s birth certificate.