Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of Ubuntu. It’s a word that’s popular in South Africa, and sums up the late, great Nelson Mandela’s attitude to life. Ubuntu is about the recognition that we’re all bound together in ways that can’t be seen by the naked eye. There’s an oneness to humanity, and we make achievements in life by sharing ourselves with others.

Pacific Egg Donor and Surrogacy Manifesto
We consider this a community: we’re here to support one another, to build trust, and to act as a team, helping people to achieve their ultimate dream – creating a family.

All communities have rules and philosophies, or guidelines that everyone agrees to follow. If you agree with ours, please join us on our mission.

Our egg donors are working hard to make our dreams a reality, and we’re all grateful to them. Think of this like a team – we’re united, we’re here to support one another and we can make this happen.

The donor process isn’t always easy. Some days are tougher than other, but even if it takes longer than initially planned we’ll still work towards the goal.

Stay focused, but not on the negatives. Instead, visualize the positive image of the end goal.

In order to make this work, we need to all give ourselves the best chance of success. We need to eat well, get plenty of sleep, relax regularly and keep our fitness levels up. It’s a demanding process, and if it’s going to be a success, we all need to make this commitment.

Remember, the large leaps we take in life often aren’t possible without those important small steps beforehand. By recognizing even the little achievements, you’re acknowledging the path you’re traveling. We celebrate not only every pregnancy, but every ultrasound, every successful blood test, every shot.

Success is all about attitude, and if you can develop a positive mind-set, you stand a far better chance of succeeding. In fact, scientific studies back this up: research from Concordia University showed that optimists had lower levels of cortisol, the ‘stress’ hormone.

There will inevitably be days when you feel overwhelmed. You might feel frustrated, angry, stressed out or even depressed about the situation. Recognize that those feelings are normal. Every parent who has been through the egg donor process knows exactly how you feel.
It’s okay to feel like that sometimes. Give yourself permission to have an ‘off day’ and don’t feel pressured to pretend you’re okay.

The egg donor process can be complicated and there are parts that are difficult to understand. It’s okay to ask questions. This is an open, honest community— if you want to know something, just ask us and we’ll make sure you get an answer.

We believe in what we’re doing and we have faith that it will work. Egg donation
is a deep, emotional process, and we all have hope for one another.