Global Egg Donation Services

Pacific Egg Donors and Surrogacy works with patients throughout the United States as well as throughout the world for egg donation and surrogacy services. We are very familiar and comfortable with managing cycles and addressing the unique needs of our national and international clients.
Female Recipients Most out-of-town recipients of donor eggs prefer to have the monitoring of their uterine lining done in their home area. Usually only 1 ultrasound test is needed. Intended Parents travel to the state in which the fertility clinic is located prior to the donor’s egg retrieval. Intended Parents usually stay until the embryo transfer. The average total length of stay is 4 to 7 days.

Male Partners Male Intended Parents need to be at the fertility clinic the day before the donor egg retrieval procedure. A sperm deposit must be available on the day of the egg retrieval. Some men prefer to freeze their sperm at the fertility clinic prior to the egg donation.