Fees Involved

Egg Donation

Egg Donor Compensation (varies by Donor)
Donor Psychological Screening $500
Donor Medical Insurance $386
Travel Expenses (varies by Donor) $100- $6000
Legal Fees for Donor and Prospective Parents $1.000-$1,500
Donor Agency Fee $6,000
IVF Fee(Varies by clinic)


Surrogate Base Compensation- $35,000- $50,000- depending on experience

Embryo Transfer Fee – $500
Maternity clothing Allowance $750 for singleton and $1000 for multiples
Monthly Allowance $250 per month to cover mileage reimbursement to local appointments, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy testing supplies, faxing, postage

Invasive Procedure Fee -$500

Lost Wages – Depends on Surrogate’s hourly wage
Lost Wages for Spouse – $0- $3,000, depends on spouse’s hourly wage
Travel expenses -$0- $6,000- depends on clinic location
Mulitples $8,000 per twins $16,000 triplets
C-section fee $2,500

Escrow Agency fee- $1,500

Health Insurance- $0- $10,000- depending on if surrogate has insurance that covers surrogacy and her location.
Life insurance for surrogate $500
Disability Insurance $0- $1,500 (if available by employer)
Loss of Reproductive Organs Fee $3,000 (if applicable)
Bed rest fee Varies based on surrogate’s lost wages, childcare and housekeeping

Legal fees Varies depending on Surrogate’s location typically the fee for the contract and birth order is between $10,000- $15,000
Agency fee $20,000