We recognize that every person is different and has various needs and requirements. For example, we work with some surrogates who need lost wages and others who are stay at home moms. Therefore, the below list is just a guideline based on what most surrogates request and the industry standard.

$35,000- First time surrogate fee (more experienced surrogates receive higher fees)- paid in installments beginning after confirmation of fetal heartbeat.
$5,000- For each additional child carried
$350- Embryo transfer fee
$850- Maternity clothing allowance fee for single baby or $1000 for twins
$500- Invasive Procedure fee (if requested)
$250- Monthly allowance to cover childcare, mileage, vitamins, phone and fax
$2,500- C-section fee if required

Health Insurance co-pays for pregnancy and delivery- $0— $5,000
Surrogate Friendly Health Insurance Policy (if applicable)
Life Insurance Policy for 1 year – $400- $600
Travel to fertility clinic for screening and transfer(airfare for surrogate and companion, hotel, ubers, per diem allowance)— $300- $5,000
Lost Wages when attending medical appointments (if applicable)
Disability policy(if applicable)
Legal fees(depending on state)- 10,000- 14,000
Escrow Agency fee- $1,500
Passport fees (for international intended parents) – $500